Refund Policy

  1. PAL and RPAL courses are Canadian federal gun license levels, allowing people to own firearms and ammunition. You have to be 18 years old on course day. 12-17 may attend Non-Restricted with parental consent.
  2. To request a refund, you must email by the deadlines: 100% refund or course transfer with 7+ days’ notice, 50% refund with 3-7 days’ notice, no refunds within 72 hours or for no-shows, and no refunds for failing the course.
  3. RCMP processing fees aren’t included in this registration but will be paid when your forms are mailed in. You are solely responsible for ensuring you are eligible to apply for a PAL. Saskatchewan Firearm’s Safety Training isn’t responsible if the RCMP deem you ineligible.
  4. If registering for both levels, you’ll need to complete this registration once for each course. Make sure your prerequisite Non-Restricted date comes before Restricted. You’ll receive a confirmation email for each course. If changing from one type of PAL to another, bring the former license if able.
  5. Students must have a functional grasp of written and verbal English.
  6. You must bring one piece of government photo ID to the course (driver’s license, passport, status card, PR card).
  7. Refrain from using foul or slanderous language and from harassing others. You must not be under any drug or alcohol influence. Behaviour, hygiene, and attitude cannot be offensive, threatening, or contrary to the interests of the course being taught. Saskatchewan Firearm’s Safety Training will eject any student who fails to follow course rules.
  8. You agree to release and hold harmless Saskatchewan Firearm’s Safety Training, other students, affiliated agencies, and the owners and lessees of the premises used concerning any and all injury, disability, death, loss or damage to person or property however caused.


Contact Us

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