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Welcome to our website dedicated to promoting responsible gun ownership and safety in Saskatchewan! With over two decades of experience in teaching gun safety, our team of certified instructors is well-versed in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, a federal requirement for those wishing to apply for a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL).

Our primary goal is to ensure that individuals who own or use firearms do so with the utmost care, understanding, and respect for the potential dangers involved.

Register for our Firearms Safety Courses and join us in embracing the outdoors, upholding the principles of safety, and celebrating the rich heritage of responsible gun ownership and hunting in Canada.

Our Courses

Man walking in long grass wearing camouflage suit with a rifle by his side.

Non-Restricted PAL

(Possession and Acquisition License) Gun Safety Training course! As passionate advocates for responsible gun ownership and safety, we are thrilled to offer this essential course for individuals interested in firearms and outdoor activities.

Man wearing protective headgear holding a gun with an instructor beside him.

Restricted PAL

This course teaches foundational knowledge on the responsibilities associated with owning and utilizing restricted firearms, ensuring their safe operation, handling, and secure storage of both firearms and ammunition.